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BBQ Pork is the Best Choice Ever



Janya Thai Delight’s BBQ Pork is the best choice ever! It is pork marinated with cilantro, garlic, and pepper. Afterwards, it is grilled to perfection and is served with delicious homemade sauce. I absolutely love it. It comes with rice on the side. Try this dish the next time you visit Janya Thai Delight!

About the Dishes

Basil Tofu for Vegetarians and Tofu Lovers


After trying Pad Kee Mow with tofu I decided to try Basil Tofu. I figured if I loved the Pad Kee Mow with tofu I sure will love Basil Tofu and indeed I did! The basil gave a delightful impression on my taste buds. The tofu soaked up all the delicious juices, which burst in my mouth as I took a bite of the tofu. It was delicious! I loved it!

Basil Tofu is sauteed tofu with chili, garlic, green beans, bamboo, zucchinis, onions, and sweet basil. When ordering Basil Tofu make sure to also pair it with Chang beer. Chang is an imported beer from Thailand. Chang means elephant. It has a light and slightly sweet taste that goes well with the basil tofu.

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I’m in Love with Basil Eggplant


Basil Eggplant is one of those dishes you have to have if you love basil and eggplant. I love basil and I love eggplant so the two combined is out of this world. It’s creamy because of the eggplant and it has that hint of basil taste that I absolutely love in Thai dishes. I also really love the sauce it is sauteed in. I just could not get enough of it. I ate it all in one sitting.

Basil Eggplant is sauteed eggplant with meat, chili, garlic, bell peppers, onions, and sweet basil. The chili adds a bit of a kick. The garlic gives the taste a new dimension. The bell peppers and onions add to the flavor also. Try it. I bet you’ll love it.

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Pumpkin Curry One of Our Most Popular Curry Dish


This is our delicious Pumpkin Curry. It is pumpkin with red curry, coconut milk, bell peppers, sweet basil, and green beans. It is delightful. When you order Pumpkin Curry you can have a choice of your favorite meat such as chicken, pork, beef, or prawns. This one has been ordered with prawns.

Pumpkin Curry is a go to choice for many of our customers. It is creamy, hearty, and all around amazing. It is a must try curry dish. It is a red curry so it is slightly spicy, but it is not too spicy. It is just perfect.

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Panang Salmon My New Favorite Dish


Tonight was my first time trying Panang Salmon and it was delish! I wish I had tried it sooner, but I’ve gotten so used to ordering my regular dishes.

I should have known it would be my favorite. I mean it’s two of my favorite things combined, Panang curry and salmon. You can’t go wrong with a combination like that. It’s a wonderfully unique blend for your palette.

Panang Salmon is made of filet salmon with Panang curry, coconut milk, bell peppers, mushrooms, sweet basil, and steamed vegetables. Try this dish out and you will be thankful.

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Pad Kee Mow Tofu For Vegetarians


Pad Kee Mow is stir-fried big noodles with meat or in my case tofu. Added in the dish are chili, garlic, eggs, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cabbage, and sweet basil.

There are many reasons to love Pad Kee Mow. One of them being the savory taste of the sauce. I absolutely love it. I’ve had Pad Kee Mow with chicken many times in the past, but tonight I decided to get Pad Kee Mow with tofu. It was a brilliant idea. The tofu soaks up the flavor of the sauce and really livens up the flavor of tofu for me. Pad Kee Mow tofu is such a great dish for anyone, but especially for vegetarians who want a really flavorful tofu dish. I have always wondered why would someone pick tofu over meat, but after trying out Pad Kee Mow tofu it’s no question why. If you are at Janya Thai Delight and you are looking to get a healthy tofu dish, try out Pad Kee Mow tofu!